You can make changes to your account settings including privacy settings, updating your password, and managing notifications from inside the Account Settings page. 

Privacy Settings

Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository accounts are set to open by default, meaning that other users can find and view your profile. This helps build community and allows users to connect with one another and learn from each other. You can change your account to private to disable others from viewing your profile and user activity. 

  • Login to the Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository.
  • Click your name on the in the primary navigation menu in the header and select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • On the account setting page, you can update your Privacy Settings - Click to select the button Allow other educators and users to see my activity feed - to allow anyone using the Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository to view your activities, even if they are not logged in. Or: Click to select the button Do not show any information to other users - to prevent anyone from seeing your profile and activities.
  • Select "Save" at the bottom of the page to apply your changes. 


Click to deselect the checkbox Show toolbar when viewing resources - to prevent seeing the toolbar at the top of the screen when you are viewing an educational resource. The toolbar contains navigation information such as saving, commenting, tagging, and other useful actions.

Update password

Change your password by entering your current password, and then entering your new password twice in the fields

Account email

Enter a new email address in the Email field to update the email address associated with your account.

Managing notifications

Click to select your notification preferences

  • Notify me by email when my submitted or created OER is searchable.
  • Notify me when someone publishes a remix of my resource.
  • Do not send email notifications.

Delete your account

Click the Delete Account button to remove your account in the Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository.

Save changes

Click the Save button on any changes you have made to the Account Settings page.