Adding an educational resource to the repository

In addition to using the authoring tools on the Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository, you can also submit existing resources to the site. When you find an education resource that is available on the web, and would like to share it with others, you can submit the resource to the Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository for review and approval.

  1. Login to the Affordable Learning LOUISiana OER Repository.
  2. Expand the menu next to the Create button in the header and select Submit

Step 1: enter the url for your resource and select Continue.

Step 2: Review and edit the suggested metadata (fields marked with an asterisk* are mandatory):


Step 3: Preview and Submit. 

  1. Review the preview of your resource to ensure it is accurately described.
  2. You can replace the auto-generated cover image if you like.
  3. Select Go Back to make changes to your description
  4. -Or- select Submit for review to finalize the submit process. 

Once your resource has been submitted, it will appear on your My Items page with the status: Pending. 

Your resource is sent to the LOUIS Librarians to be reviewed and approved before it is added to the site. Our team will confirm that the copyright is accurate and will contact you if they have any questions.

Once reviewed and approved, you will receive an email (usually within one week) indicating the resource you submitted has been approved.

See also: Basic usage rights